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Brandon Brown

Meet Brandon Brown. He’s Salotto’s Lead Representative and has a long history in pool harking back to age 3 when he watched his grandad play in his uncle’s pool room and was told “you’re too small to play, pool is for adults.” Since then he’s never stopped playing and loves the game more than ever. Brandon has played and won tournaments as a junior and as an adult.

Recently Brandon picked up a state 9 ball singles championship and a few other wins. Brandon is a force on a table. Getting his start in Colorado under the generous pro’s who gave their time and teaching to kids interested in Pool; Brandon was a star student. He’s now a leader in our pool community and Salotto couldn’t be happier to have him on team Salotto.

The best parts about Brandon are his humility and excitement for the game. He coined our office mantra, “spreading the pool love” and is the best at introducing new people to the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 700 or a 300 FargoRate, he will treat you with the same respect. If you are a Salotto Regional Rep and have a question, you can reach Brandon easily at

Tracy Blevins

My name is Tracy A Blevins. I am 43 years old. I have been playing for two years now (took about a 22-year break) played for about six years then

My favorite place to play is JOBS in Nashville Tenn.

I am currently starting to play USAPL

My favorite player would be Tony Chohan (the T-rex)🦖

I shoot with a Meucci Century 3 with pro shaft pyramid med tip McDermott L22 with i3 Shaft Action Jump Break with white diamond Tip & Predator chalk

Fargo is 380 right now

Best story: Last year got to hang out with Francisco Bustamante during a tournament he must not have minded my company because he came to where I was at and talked to me and we just hung out and watched some guys play a game I wasn’t familiar with (golf) he wasn’t either but understood more than me, it was a good time.

Nick Olson

How long have been playing pool?
I have been playing pool since I was able to stand on my own two feet. My mother has
been a lifelong avid pool player for over 40 years, so when I was about 3 years old I
would set up a crate of some kind in order for me to see over the table. I have regained my passion for the game and have been playing much more while promoting the game with my podcast Chalk Is Cheap.

What’s your favorite place to play?
My home pool hall is Top Hat Tavern in Superior, Wisconsin. Great
place, 10 diamond tables and a 3-cushion billiards table.

Do you play leagues?
I play in and operate the Superior Trailblazers Pool League located in Superior,
Wisconsin. Sanctioned by MPA Midwest Pool Players Association / American Cue

Who’s your favorite pool player?
My favorite pool player to watch is a guy named Tom Wasserman
who is a local player in the Twin Ports area. He does some amazing things on the pool
table. As far as pro players it is tough to name just one current player but I think Corey
Deuel is at the top for me right now.

What cues and setups do you use?
I recently started shooting with a Balabushka GBGS. It is an absolutely gorgeous cue. I play with the original maple shaft with a HOW medium tip.

Chalk type?
I use Master chalk. BLUE it must be blue. Chalking after every shot is worked into my pre-shot routine as well.

What’s your Fargorate?
I haven’t established my true Fargorating as of yet. Last I checked it was 558, I identify as an “A” player right now.

What’s your best pool story?
When I was about 12 years old I was able to play Mike Massey on local TV in the Twin Ports area. There were about 100 people in attendance and it was nerve racking for me at the time but it was a blast and I was able to string a few shots together. Of course in the end Mike beat me but he was very generous and one of the nicest guys in the pool community anywhere.





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