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Chris Robinson

Chris is one of the strongest and fastest progressing pro players we’ve ever seen. His growing list of accomplishments includes multiple years winning the California State Junior 9 Ball Championship, Junior National Champion, Atlantic Cup player, Collegiate National Champion, Cole Dickson Memorial Champion, Mezz West State Tour Champion, Las Vegas 9 Ball Open top 5 and of course his inclusion in the 2020 Mosconi Cup team.

Salotto and Chris are working together to grow our wonderful sport and offer more meaningful content to the Salotto Community. Chris will be dawning the Salotto logo on his jersey, taking on a roll of a Salotto Official Instructor and championing for the Salotto format to play competitive pool. With this unity, we’ll be growing together in showing the world that competitive pool can be played at YOUR place and YOUR pace with Salotto, Chris and FargoRate.

Karl Boyes

Karl Boyes is THE voice of pool. He speaks the truth (even when it hurts) and is a genuine ambassador of the pool industry like no other. Salotto is proud to have Karl on the team. We enjoy everything he brings to the table. 

Karl started playing pool at age 14 in Manchester (English 8 ball) and has been a force in the sport ever since. He heard about the IPT tour in America and went to qualify finishing 8th in the Reno Open. He then “decided to try 9 ball” and took the 3rd spot in the World 9 ball championships in 2006. In 2010 Karl won his first of 4 Mosconi Cups. In 2010 Karl won the WPA World 8 ball championships. He’s a World Cup of Pool Champion, World Series Speed Pool Champion, World Team Champion, placed 2nd in US open 9 ball, and he’s a Salotto Player.

In Karl’s words: As a former World Champion and 4x Mosconi Cup Winner, I am really excited to be joining this wonderful groundbreaking company. So pool fans download the app now for matchups and start thrashing players all over!

Darren Appleton

Joining the team from England, world champion Darren “Dynamite” Appleton is a household name in pool around the world. Appleton is a passionate player carving his way into the indelible ranks of pool with both 8 and 9 Ball World Championship titles, Multiple Mosconi Cup championships and World 10 Ball Championship. It’s hard to love pool as much as Darren does, he’s a formidable opponent in any game, and has a heart of gold. Catch him off the table and he’s always willing to help a player get better or have fun. Appleton is hard working, and professional in competition.  His coaching and original video content are awesome. Salotto is proud to have him representing the brand. He stands for what is good in pool and aims to have the sport grow like few do.

Blaine Barcus

Quite a few professional players will tell you they felt some sort of unexplainable gravitation to the pool table and their ability to seemingly forget the world around them while they played. For Blaine it was no different. He started playing when he was about 16 years old and fell in love with its endless possibilities and inability to be mastered. He’s now been playing pool roughly 16 years and resides in Houston, TX with his wife Michelle and their two children. Outside of playing pool (or maybe still inside) Blaine is also a table mechanic in the Houston area. Blaine is looking forward to the future of pool and is optimistic its best years are ahead. The game is growing, and Salotto is proud to welcome Blaine to the team.

Chris McDaniel “CMD”

Chris McDaniel was born on Christmas Day in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  His mother was a popular rock and roll singer and his father was a world class drummer. He moved to Iowa at a young age so his father, David, could pursue a career as a Chiropractor. Chris started playing pool at the age of 12 in Iowa City after seeing “The Color of Money” on television.  Chris spent his high school and college years in Wisconsin where he continued to compete and grow as a player.  It wasn’t until he moved to Colorado in 2000 that he began to take the game more seriously and started to “level up” consistently.  Since then he has won countless regional events, finished high in the money in numerous national and pro events, and is now the last “American Rotation” National Champion having won the event which was held at the Derby City Classic in 2016.  Chris is widely considered one of the very best pool players in the Rocky Mountain region.
After some challenging life circumstances he has re-dedicated himself to the game both as a player and instructor.  His highest Fargo rating was in the mid 720’s but he will tell you the player he is now (at a 693) would crush that guy!  He likes to joke that “Everybody is better than their Fargo!”.  Chris plays with a 60″ Ernie Martinez custom cue with a Predator 314 shaft.  He is thrilled to represent Salotto as well as Clinkers (Wichita Falls, TX), and looks forward to being a part of an exciting future for professional and amateur pool.

Savannah “Road Runner” Easton

The future of pool is here and her name is Savannah Easton AKA Road Runner. Salotto is happy to announce this sponsorship with a fresh WPBA member, fierce competitor and young ambassador for the sport. Savannah has won or been on the podium in many open events far beyond her years. She’s been featured on TV shows and news programs highlighting her ability and passion. 

Playing players heads up and a willingness to challenge anyone (even Jayson Shaw) to a set. She plays well under pressure and thrives on competition. Give Savannah a follow – enjoy her enthusiasm, skill and energy for pool! BEEP BEEP!

D’Angelo “JAWZ” Spain

Salotto is pleased to welcome D’angelo “Jawz” Spain to the family. Hailing from Maryland, this young player has the passion and work ethic well beyond his years. Pool is growing right now and it’s because young players are choosing to work hard, get good, and win. At Salotto our goal is to help people play more pool and having Jawz on the scene with us is a prime example of our mission as a company. 

Jawz started playing pool at age 4 when a table showed up at their house. His dad, Frank (a PBIA instructor) was needing to get more table time to reach the next level of his play. Little did Frank know that young D’angelo would soon become the fire lighting the way in his family’s pool journey. The tide soon shifted from Frank practicing to Frank coaching. 

Fast forward 7 years and the motivation and momentum have only grown and D’angelo has become a seasoned competitor. Frank is quite a coach. Jawz has been playing several hours a day since and is now one of the most formidable youth players in the country. His humility and guidance are an inspiration to players everywhere.

This young ripper has begun to place high in his events, in fact he recently won the Junior National APA Qualifier and is on a run the world should be paying close attention to as it’s just getting started. He’s ranked number in the U13 boys as of June 2022. 

Jawz is also aligned with some of the foremost billiards companies such as Predator, Taom, Center Pocket and Risky Shotz. 

Welcome to the team Jawz! It will be fun to watch you best the players you now look up to. It won’t be long!

Chris Smith

Chris developed a love for the game when he was 5 years old watching his mom play leagues. The first time he ever picked up a pool cue, he ran four balls and the rest was history! He won his first open 48 player tournament at age 13 further setting the hook in what was soon to be, a lifelong passion. He would have to say my favorite games are 9 ball banks and is developing a new found appreciation for 8 ball. Chris spends his spare time giving lessons, playing tournaments and promoting the sport as much as possible. His cue bag is currently a 2nd gen predator road line with a z2 shaft and a lucasi airhog 2 jump cue that is compatible with the playing cue as a break cue inside. Simple but effective. Please Welcome Chris Smith to Team Salotto. It will be great having him on board helping Salotto find its way into the hands of player who want more out of their game.





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