Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salotto?

Salotto is a mobile application allowing players to connect and play competitive games anywhere at any time.

Can I really Submit my Salotto matches to FargoRate?

Yes, Salotto and FargoRate both believe in the pool industry and that it needs to grow. Allowing this partnership gives players the chance to get better and track progress in a way they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Below are the submission guidelines and explanation for how this works. 

  • All matches are submitted regardless of outcome. 
  • Matches must be time stamped (happens automatically through Salotto)
  • Results are publicly viewable through the FargoRate app as “Public Matches”. 
  • Incomplete matches or contested matches will be submitted regardless of status after 48 hours.
  • Fees Apply, much like league fees go to the legwork on the back end. 
  • 8-9-10 ball games and matches are all that is considered for submission.

Are the results of all Salotto matches sent to FargoRate? 

No. Only matches selected by the host to be “Submitted to FargoRate” by tapping the switch to “On” within the “Create” match menu (“+” sign in the navigation bar).

Do Salotto Pro members still have to pay for FargoRate submitted games? 

Yes. One of the parameters of FargoRate submission to preserve the integrity of submitted data is that a payment must be associated with it. Salotto Pro members still enjoy unlimited match creation with no advertising. 

How do I score a match? 

Salotto offers an integrated scoring utility that keeps track more accurately than moving a coin or by wire. Make sure you start your match in Salotto at the time you start playing and use the app to update scores.

Can I Retroactively Submit Matches?

No, we don’t allow retroactive submissions. All Salotto matches must be scored during or immediately after the match.

What if my match is marked “contested” in Salotto after the match? 

When finishing a match, BOTH players must agree to the score and winner/loser. If one player does not finish out their side of the match, it will go into ‘contested’ mode. You will have 48 hours to resolve the issue, which means you both need to agree and confirm the match. If you’re unable to rectify the match, please send screenshots from both player’s devices to

Are they real games of pool?

Yes, Salotto is for people who enjoy playing the actual game of pool in real life, not on a video game format. Salotto aims to connect pool players for physical games of pool in real life.

Can I play multiple tables at one time?

No, we only support 1v1 play.

Is it Free?

Yes. You can use Salotto for free, always finding games on the free version with 1 free host per month. If you find unlimited hosting and ad free usage of Salotto appealing, you can upgrade to Salotto Pro on a monthly or annual membership basis. See upgrading info within the Salotto App for details.

Do I need a code or sponsor to sign up?

Nope! This is just as easy to download as instagram, or any other app. As they say, “All you need to do is go to the App Store or Play Store and download it now!

Why is Salotto needed?

It’s always a little weird to walk into a business with pool tables and try to find someone to play. Salotto is useful whether it’s a night out with friends and someone needs to “win” the table, or if you play often and just want to play new people. Salotto was born out of the need to find players any time, anywhere so they could enjoy this wonderful game more often with new like-minded folks.

Can I host a game in a public place?

Yes! In fact, most places will be glad you do host games in their establishment as it usually means revenue for them as well. Plus having a table in your home isn’t always an option and playing at pool halls is the norm. Remember to reserve a table in a pool hall or bar if you’re hosting a game.

Can I host a game in my own home?

Yes, much like an uber or Lyft Driver who uses their own car, you are encouraged to use your own space to host games. You are welcome to charge for this as well, but that’s up to you and the player to sort out.

Can I host or promote a match between two people?

Absolutely, if you want to see a match between two players, you can host the event anywhere and create a prize pot to lure them in. Remember when creating the match to “turn off” the switch next to “Are You Playing?”. If it’s a big time match, reach out to Salotto at to see if they’ll help in some way!

What if I forget my login?

You can choose to reset your password using the link on the login page or send us a message through the Contact Submission on the index page.

What is the Salotto Ranking System?

Salotto ranks all players based on the statistics in the application. Salotto then uses these statistics to invite players to invitational tournaments and events. There are also incentives within the app to help you along your path to becoming the player you aim to be!

What does the name mean?

 “Salotto” is the Italian term for the English word “Parlor.”

Does Salotto Promote their own games?

Yes! Salotto will host large tournaments for Salotto users, and/or supplement tournaments hosted by Salotto members.

Who owns Salotto?

Salotto was founded by two long-time friends who have played pool together for years. They still play pool and love the game more than ever competing frequently. You can reach out to salotto at and talk with them if you’d like!

Can I share my results?

While this feature is in development, please know we want you to be able to show off your wins and are working toward this goal.

I like the Logo, can I buy Salotto branded gear?

Check out our online shop right here if you would like to buy Salotto gear!

What’s up with the Salotto Table Spots?

These are the best table spots on the planet. Quality Japanese silk acetate material that is thin and has a die-cut hole in it so you always have solid head-ball placement. This is a proprietary Salotto Product.

Can I print the logo for my own events if hosting through Salotto?

Yep, see our branding guide page for how to do this correctly.





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